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If you do not see an appointment time available when you are free-- please call for more times.
Dial 007 at the call box when you arrive and I will buzz you in.

Choose a service to schedule


Initial Ayurveda Consultation (Video only during Corona) - $150
This appointment requires a deep dive into what is going on in your body, why it is happening, and how to correct it from the perspective of Classical Ayurveda. I will gather information about your diet, lifestyle, history, needs, dedication, and interests in order to start you on an individualized Ayurveda health plan to include the broad spectrum of Ayurvedic healing tools: diet and lifestyle protocol, herbal formulas, cleanses, treatments, meditation, breathing, yoga. Herbs and oils are an additional charge. A 1/2hr follow - up appointment is included in the cost.
Initial Follow - up - $0
This session is only for those who have just had their Initial consultation. We will review medicines, answer any questions and create an ongoing healthcare plan for you.
Mini-consult - $30
A brief, focused discussion of a particular issue or a quick dip into ayurveda to see if it might be the healing modality for you.
Formula delivery or shipping - $15
Ongoing Consultations - $80
Phone consultation - $30
Think you might want to try Ayurveda but not ready to commit? Have a quick question or want to plan for a treatment series? Save time and money and we can do this over the phone.


Oil treatment with steam (abhyunga and swedan) - $160
Abhyunga with swedan (oil and steam), sthanic basti (including netra basti), shirodhara, karna purana...
Please wear clothes that you don't mind getting oily in and something to cover your head when you leave (hat or scarf).
Avoid coming with a full belly!
cost of oils not included.


Establishing your Ayurvedic Lifestyle: Intro Consultation - $325
This is the introductory appointment for a 6 week program to build your personalized daily practice and wellness regiment. Total includes 6 week supply of herbal formula, abhyunga oil, & components of ritual bath. Starter pack of CCF tea, mung beans, rice and spices.
* Initial Consultation (1 hr)
* Simple food guidelines, yoga & pranayam practice.
* Consultation (1/5 hr) to receive herbal formula, weekly cleansing bath ritual & abhyunga oil.
* 6 weeks of text support to solidly establish your new routine & review progress & results.


Seasonal Sweet Tea Potion - $90
Mini-consult (on the phone or in person) to figure out your Seasonal Potion needs.
Directions 3409 Grand Avenue, Oakland, CA #7